Brassa is an old she-wolf.


Brassa is the old nurse of Huttsers pack, she is the wisest wolf of the pack. She is maternal and is known among the pack as the pups' caregiver. At times she can be quiet and mysterious, but is always up for telling a story.


Brassa is the adviser, keeper of stories, and nurse of the pack she belongs to. She helped to nurse Palla, Skop, and Morgra when they were cubs. She knew of the sight which both Fell and Larka possesed, and she is the sister of Fortune Teller Tsinga.
When the pack prepares to find Tsinga, Brassa tells them about the lump in her belly and says it's time for her to join Tor and Fenris. She is discovered deas not long after.


Sister: Tsinga

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