Fell 2
is a powerful and handsome thick-furred, blue-black wolf with a bushy tail. He has huge, searching yellow-gold eyes with a sliver of green in the right.


He is seen as a curious, bold, and adventurous pup after he was born. Fell soon has a mood towards his father after Huttser yells at him for wandering away. He is clearly very jealous of the attention Kar is paying towards his sister.

Fell was greatly affected by Larka's death, and believing it his his fault, becomes a Kerl. At the beginning of Fell, he still harbors his guilt and continues to find whether he is good or evil.

History Edit

The Sight Edit

Fell was born in the cave den to Hustter and Palla, and was one of the two pups to survive along with his sister, Larka. shown as a bit of a nobody, while Larka is known to have the Sight. When he takes Kar and Larka to the edge of a river, he is told off by his parents, who seem to be favouring Larka. Fell has the Sight too, but his parents are not paying attension to his right eye, as they are more interested in Larka, as they know she has the Sight. When Huttser's pack cross an iced over river, Fell slips under the ice and all of the wolves think  he is dead, as usual, Larka believes that it's her fault, but of course it isn't, as Fell went under, it's not like Larka pushed him in. But, Fell isn't dead, in fact Fell is tempted by Morgra to join her and he ends up thinking he is Wolfbane, until Larka comes to find and makes him remember his mother is Palla, not Morgra and he remembers his real family and who he is. After Larka's death, he believes it is his fault and becomes a Kerl, he leaves his pack and in the next book, a myth is maken up about him being evil, and if pups do anything wrong, their mothers say that Fell will come and gobble them up, the myth shows him to be exactly like Wolfbane.


  1. He has mastered the Sight

Can blind other wolves. Sight has kept him in his prim while at the age of 7


Mother: Palla

Father: Huttser

Sister: Larka

Brother: Kar (Adopted)

Uncle: Skop

Aunt: Kipcha

Mate: Tarlar