Fell (novel)
Author David Clement-Davies
Publication date September 1, 2007
Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
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The Sight
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Fell is a novel by David Clement-Davies and is the sequel to The Sight. It follows Fell, who is now a Kerl, and his experiences after Larka's death.

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"For Hen, Patrick, and Honor—at last."

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"Among the wolves of Transylvania walks a fearful legend: a black wolf with the power to see into the minds of other animals. Fell is a Kerl, a loner, separated from his pack by the power of the Sight and by his guilt over the death of his beloved sister Larka.

The villagers call Alina a changeling, a creature left by the fairies, and fear her. The shepherd Malduk, who rescued her from the snows, makes her dress as a boy and work twice as hard as one. It is a bitter, lonely life, haunted by terrible dreams, until the day Alina learns some of the truth about her past and sets out into a world fraught with danger to find her real home....

In this thrilling fantasy adventure, a sequel to David Clements-Davies's bestselling novel The Sight, a wolf and a girl—both looking for answers to the visions haunting them—must overcome their natures to share a journey that will bring their worlds, animal and human, to a greater understanding."

Chapters Edit

Part One: The Future

  1. Ghosts
  2. The Changeling Storyteller
  3. The Parchment
  4. Hunted
  5. Bavarian Bluster
  6. Blue Ice
  7. The Girl and the Wolf
  8. The Leap

Part Two: The Past

  1. The Font
  2. A Wolf Trail
  3. Tarlar
  4. The Warrior Smith
  5. Balance
  6. Baba Yaga
  7. To Castelu
  8. The Helgra
  9. Goblin Song
  10. Elu

Part Three: The Present

  1. The Salmon
  2. Huttser and Palla
  3. The Stone Mouth
  4. Noises
  5. Blessings
  6. Battle
  7. Morgra
  8. Fell's Farewell

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