Kar is a grey wolf.


"Stones are raw, they blunt my claw, but words will never hurt me."
— Kar

As a cub he is rather timid for a while because of the shock from the Balkar raid on his home. However, he soon turns out to be a loyal and protective male, who is friendly and kind.

History/Role in the book Edit

When he was just a cub, his pack was attacked by the Balkar. They stole his two brothers, Cal and Grell but another member of his pack, Skop, was able to save him. They left the area and joined Huttser's pack.
When Kar first meets the pack, it is mentioned how Larka takes a liking to him straight away. Fell isn't as optimistic.
Although it is not mentioned in the first book, Kar and Larka soon begin to fall in love, and Kar is distraught when Larka dies as a result of the legend. Larka soon speaks to him from the Red Meadow to tell him not to worry, but it is hinted that Kar still feels her loss nonetheless.


Brothers: Cal, Grell

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