is a gray wolf with a red tail. He is described as large and powerful.


Khaz is the second most powerful wolf in Huttser's pack (after Huttser, commonly referred to as the Beta wolf.)

He has a strong love for his mate Kipcha as well as the rest of the pack. Khaz is seen as a nice and brave wolf, for example, when Bran made a mistake on a hunt, Huttser was angry, but Khaz was forgiving and did not do anything to Bran. His bravery was shown when he got captured in a meat trap, by not asking for help, but commanding his mate and Larka to run away. 15:28, February 17, 2012 (UTC)B.B.W


We first see Khaz when he emerges into the den, in the first chapter. Huttser, although wary, soon relaxes, showing that Khaz is trustworthy in Huttser's eyes. This character dies in Part One (see Fate below.)


Mate: Kipcha

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Khaz is the first wolf in Huttser's pack to die as a result of Morgra's curse. The male is caught in a meat trap, and is impaled on a spike. Although he is weakened and the humans can be heard coming towards them, Khaz forces the rest of the pack to move on without him, for he fears that they might be trapped too.