Larka is a female wolf pup.


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History Edit

The Sight Edit

During springtime, Larka is shown to be born to her parents Huttser and Palla along with her littermates, Kipcha, Skop, and Khaz. Fell is shown to play with his younger siblings a bit before he leaves the pack.

Later, Larka, like her siblings, are shown wanting Huttser to tell them a story. Palla chides them, telling them not to bother their father, but Huttser tells her it's okay. Kar then offers to tell them a story, delighting the wolf cubs. Larka and her siblings are then shown to be listening to "Uncle" Kar tell them of Tor and Fenris and how their mating brought the earth, and that before Dammam and Va and Fren and Barl, they were proud of what they saw, because for in the beginning, there was light.

Fell Edit

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Family Edit

Mother: Palla

Father: Huttser

Brothers: Fell, Kar (adopted), Skop, Khaz

Sisters: Larka, Kipcha

Trivia Edit

  • Larka and her siblings are shown to refer to Kar as "Uncle Kar" despite him being their older adopted brother.
  • Larka was most likely named after the original Larka, who died before her birth.
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