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is the main antagonist of The Sight. She is an old, gray she-wolf, missing a right ear, and has strange tufts of fur on her muzzle over deep scars.


Morgra was bitter and vengeful for all the wrongs committed to her. Her deceptive, cunning, and power hungry ways led to the wolves seeing her as evil and heartless. Though in reality, Morgra wanted to be loved and love something back, hence why she always desired cubs of her own and why she tried to join Huttser's pack and raise Larka and Fell; however, she was unable to feel love any for stolen the wolf pups because they weren't related to her.


What's known of Morgra's past is that she was born beneath the Stone Den along with her half siblings, Palla and Skop, and was nursed by Brassa. Morgra would find that she possessed the power of the Sight and sought to learn more about it and even climbied to the top of the Stone Den to know more of its power. This led her to be feared and shunned by her pack members. The final straw would come when she saw a vixen around the den and hurridly tried to save a pup which caused her to bite down too hard and accidentlly kill it. While she was burying it, the pack caught her and accused her of stealing and killing it. Brassa was the only one who witnessed what Morgra really did, but she didn't stand up for her, and coupled with the belief that tasting another wolf's blood would lead to bloodlust of its own kind along with a rumor of Morgra's bitterness of not being able to have pups of her own lead to the pack exiling her.

She then met an old fortune-teller wolf named Tsinga and would come under her tutelage alongside another who also possesed the power, Tsarr. Under Tsinga, the two gained their Helpers: a steppe eagle named Skart for Tsarr and a raven named Kraar for Morgra, and would train in mastering and learning about the Sight which also included the Prophecy. Tsinga soon saw that Morgra's heart had become darker and she hungered for power, causing the old wolf to drive her away. Later, Morgra was kidnapped by humans and held prisoner in their village, where she was able to learn more about them. After sometime she was able to escape and infiltrated the ranks of the Balkar where she got close to their aging leader, Tratto. She manipulated him, and then killed him one night to gain leadership of the Balkar. 

The SightEdit

Morgra first appeared offering a killed lynx to Huttser's pack was also waiting for Larka to come along so that with her she could bring fourth the man varg, and see the true past, present and future. She trained Fell to be Wolfbane, The Evil One.


Brother: Skop

Half Sister: Palla