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Skart was a steppe eagle that served as a Helper to Tsarr and helped in mentoring Larka on mastering the Sight and would become her Helper.Edit

History (coming soon) Edit

The SightEdit

Skart doesn't appear throughout Part One, but was mentioned by other characters. The first would be by Tsarr to Jarla in that he was aiding in their search for something before "she" finds it as "he" is to bring about a legend. He was then mentioned by Brassa to Huttser's pack, where she told them that he was Tsarr's Helper until their bitter quarrel broke them up, causing Tsarr's power to nearly fade from disuse, but the two were able to make up. She described the steppe eagle as proud and a true flying putnar. Then when the pack met with Tsinga, the blind she-wolf told Larka that Tsarr and Skart would be able to teach her on using the Sight.

makes his appearance when he guided Larka out of the forest fire and lead her to a human child. When Skart .

Fell Edit

Fell learns that Skart had died, but not before giving out a prophecy