The Legend of The Sight is an ancient legend about the journey the wolves undertake in the book and is fulfilled by Larka before she dies. 

The LegendEdit

As a she-cub is whelped with a coat that is white,

And a human child stolen to suckle the Sight

From a place where injustice was secretly done.

Then the Marked One is here and a legend begun.

When Wolfbane is dreamt of with terror and dread,

And the untamed are tamed, prepare for the dead.

For the Shape Changer’s pact with the birds will come true,

When the blood of the Varg blends with Man in the dew,

As the Searchers are tempted, who hunger and prowl,

Down the Pathways of Death, by the summoning howl.

Then the truest of powers will be fleshed on the bone

As the Searchers tempt nature to prey on its own.

With blood at the altar, the Vision shall come

When the eye of the moon is as round as the sun.

In the citadel raised by the lords of before,

The stone twins await – both the power and law.

Then the past and the future shall finally show,

To the wounded, the secret the Lera must know.

And all shall be witness to that which will be,

In the mind of the Man-Varg, then none shall be free.

And only a family both loving and true,

May conquer the evil, so ancient, so new.

As they fight to uncover what secrets they share

And behold in their journey how painful is care.

Their faith shall be tried by the makers of life,

Beware the Betrayer, whose meaning is strife.

For who shall divine, in the dead of the night,

The lies from the truth, the darkness from light?

Like the cry of the scavenger, torn through the air,

A courage is needed, as deep as despair.