Tor is the Drappa and moon goddess of the wolves' formal religion. A she-wolf would invoke her name if she felt threatened, just as a male would call to Fenris.

In legendEdit

In the legends, the wolf gods Tor and Fenris were said to be the makers of sky and stone, and had created the world and so brought "light out of the darkness" and their mating first brought forth the earth. And bringing forth the wolves Sita, Dammam, and Va. And also were the first to create Man.

Tor is seen in the story as a gentle goddess—the complete opposite of her constant vengeful mate Fenris—and shares a love for most of her creations: Like Dammam, whom she had so much affection that she made Va for him out of one of Dammam's teeth to be his mate, or a she-child whose skin was as red as an autumn leaf, the Red Girl. But above all else, it was her daughter Sita who she loved the most, since Sita was always gentle and kind. When she and Fenris were in another of their infamous quarrels, Fenris made the wolves fight bitterly amongst themselves to appease his wrath. Tor became so sick of seeing the fighting that she sent down Sita to bring the lightness of truth and goodness into the wolves lives, knowing full well that the earthly wolves would later kill her. But she can also be fierce when others try to take advantage of her and her powers, such as Barl had done when he asked Tor if he could live forever.

The two are also known to have gifted the Lera (wild animals) with the power of the Sight.